ProjectCMS is an open source Content Management System released under the General Public License, all code that has been added to this script from a third party is also released under the General Public License.

Q. How much does it cost
A. As stated above, ProjectCMS has been released under the General Public License. This means it is free to download & modify.


Q. What is the aim
A. The aim of projectCMS is to create a simple, lightweight & usable Content Management System which is easy to modify.


Q. Who creates the software
A. ProjectCMS 2.0 Beta was created by Jymmi Valentine, although thanks also goes out to those who supplied the extra bits of code i.e. TinyMCE, Lightbox and other various scripts which are implemented into pCMS 2.0 Beta.


Q. What do I need
A. In order to run ProjectCMS on your web server you will need to have PHP5 and MySQL (with one spare database).


Q. What are the features
A. Some of the features that you will find in ProjectCMS 2.0 Beta include:

WYSIWYG editor: (using TinyMCE. This enables anybody without any experience of HTML or any other coding language to create the pages in your site, it's as easy as using an application such as MS Word or OpenOffice Write)

Page Management: (allowing you to create an unlimited number of pages for your website with options for adding META Data, you also have the option of adding hidden pages)

Link Management: (allowing you to create an unlimited number of external links that can either link to other websites or other pages in your own site outside of ProjectCMS, you also have the option to hide these)

Theme Management: (allowing you to easily install new themes to change the apperance of your site to make it yours)

Gallery: Simple gallery script where you can create new gallery folders, upload images (which are automatically resized to save space), delete images and gallery folders all from the admin panel, so no need to manually resize those images.

Blog: A simple blog script where you can write plain text or HTML blog posts that come with information such as the date and time automatically stamped on to it. The blog script will also allow users to posts comments (which can be varified by admin before they become visible)

Mod Rewrite: ProjectCMS makes use of the Mod Rewrite rules, this enables a page which would once be shown as "index.php?page=Blog&pageNO=2" to be shown as "Blog-page-2.html", this hides the coding language behind your site and makes it a little bit harder for hackers. The Mod Rewrite rules can be turned off from the admin panel for servers that aren't able to make use of them.

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